V7 Vet


V7 Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner


  • Standard Configuration:

  • One(1)Main unit

  • One(1)Multi-frequency waterproof mechanical sector probe

  • One(1)Rechargeable Battery

  • One(1)Rubber Protector

  • One(1)AC-Adaptor

  • One(2)Shoulder and waist belts

All above will be packed in a carring case Optional:

  • Li-on rechargeable battery

  • Scanner Bracket · Car Lighter

  • Video Goggles

  • Priner

  • Handheld.light weight,only 700g including battery

  • Should&waist belts allow free hands working

  • Both battery and AC powered

  • More than 3 hours for continuous operation

  • Use rubber protector around the scanner Waterproof and dustproof probe, and can be easily cleaned by flowing water



  • Display Mode:BB+BB/MM

  • Screen Size:5.5inch,TFT color LCD

  • Probe:3.5 MHz mechanical sector probe• Depth: 190mm·

  • Gray Shade: 256 levels

  • Measurement:up to 128frames

  • OB Measurement:Distance,Circumference, Area,Volume and Heart Rate Pig-HL S h e e p / Goat-USD Bovine-BLSL,HL Dog-BD,GSD, HD,BD

  • AC-Adapter:AC 110-240V.50/60Hz

  • DC-Battery· 12.4V

  • Battery:2000mAh

Packing information:

  • Dimension:49cm×36cm×13cm

  • Weight:N.W:5KG

  • G.W:6KG


Medical image