EU40 Vet


EU40 Portable Full Digital Ultrasound Diagnostic System for Veterinary


EU40 is a fully digital diagnostic ultrasound system developed for dogs,cats,sheep, pigs,horses, catle and other animals

It adopts multiple technologies such as micro-computer control and digital scan converter (DSC), digital beam-forming (DBF), real-time dynamic aperture (RDA), real-time dynamic receiving apodization, realtime Dynamic receiving focusing (DRF), Digital frequency Scan (DFS), frame correlation technologies and so on.All these technologies can endure its image with clarity, stability and high resolution in the wide medical screen.

Main Unit Parameters

Scanning Model

Electronic Linear Array, Electronic Convex Array


≥500 frames

Display Depth

≥240mm; 16 levels are adjustable

Display Mode

B, B+B, B+M, B+M/M, M, and 4B

Focus Adjustment

Focus Number, Focus Distance, Focus Position

Image Reversal

Up and down, Left and Right, Black and White

Image Processing

Image Smoothing/Sharpening, tissue harmonic, Gamma Correction, Histogram, 


Real-time Depth

16 levels; Zoom


Distance, Perimeter, Area, Volume, Obstetrics (GA measurement for horses, 

cattle, sheep, pigs, cats and dogs etc.)

Battery Capacity


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