KarChun POCT Whole Blood Microcoagulation System

KarChun POCT Whole Blood Microcoagulation System

Product Introduction

KarChun Anti-Coag iSEE is a portable medical device with simple operation, which can provide a sensitive, efficient and reliable solution for clinical whole blood microcoagulation monitor. It adopts infrared with a specific wavelength to identify and detect sample. With built-in micro-injection pump, it can automatically absorb, drain and mix the sample and achieve precise transmission through the positioning method of combining mechanical origin and electrical origin. The coagulation time is determined according to the changes of the photoelectric detection signal. After comparing with the big data of the clinical response curve, the system converts it into clotting time in clinical sense, so as to achieve rapid and accurate microcoagulation monitor of whole blood samples (such as ACT, APTT), which provides an important reference for patient's bedside anticoagulation monitoring.

Product Catalog

Anti-Coag iSEEKar-300 Series

ReagentsCompatible with Hemochron ACT+ACT-LRAPTT Reagents

Temperature Quality Control Board

Electronic Quality Control Board

Operating Feature

Simplified Operation

Intelligently Identify Items

Internal and External Quality Control Management System

Abnormal Prompt

Aspiration Volume50μL

Optional Accessory Features

Display Real-time Reaction Curves

Data Management System

Print Function

Applicable Department

Department of Cardiac Surgery

Department of Vascular Surgery  

Department of Interventional Radiology


Department of Orthopedics

Respiratory Medicine

Department of Neurology

Department of Neurosurgery

Outpatient Service for Thrombosis Diagnosis, etc.

Applicable To

  • Monitoring of Perioperative coagulation

  • Cardiac Surgery

  • CMO

  • Uremia Maintenance Hemodialysis

  • Thrombosis Treatment and Prevention

  • Cardiopulmonary bypass, etc.

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