Portable Color Doppler Ultrasound Diagnostic System



EU80 is a clinical practical Portable color Doppler ultrasound diagnostic system from  KarChun Medical. It is easy to carry and has integrated multi-core processor, high-speed signal processing platform, powerful parallel processing and advanced transmitting and receiving capabilities, the image sensitivity and resolution are fully guaranteed, which provides excellent quality image and pleasant operating workflow, ensuring the efficiency of your work. Excellent image quality, powerful functional experience, various probe selections, humanized portable design, it meets multiple diagnostic purposes in every way, which include the cardiac, vascular, abdomen, gynecology, obstetrics, muscle, SMP and so on. Ultrasound application is also used for  ICU / CCU, intervention, surgery, emergency and other emerging areas, to achieve a new peak in ultrasound applications.



One key panorama of pure ultrasound image

Customize your own system as 30 kinds of Estimated Fetal Weight(EFW) methods

Hundreds of GA tables


One-key image optization

Utilizing KarChun’s sophisticated digital filtering alorithms, suppresses speckle echos

Smoothens images and makes the faint edge clearer by pressing just one key




Ergonomic keyboard

12”LED monitor, wide view field

User-defined image presets and parameters

Qiuck save of image and report

Multiple printing solutions


Powerful archive management

Clip board

High capacity images and clips storage

Front USB port for quick export







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