Ultrasound clinician

Date:2020-05-06 15:00:10

Main job duties:

1.Perform ultrasound scan, diagnosis and provide written report

2.Work in assigned day and on-call shifts, including weekends and holidays 

3.Work in professional and teamwork fashion 

4.Keep good quality of reading and relevant medical documentations 

5.Meet relevant CME requirements 

6.Comply with all policies and rules of company and department 

7.Provide professional opinion and support to department and staff 

8.Other tasks assigned by department chair and CMO 


1.Valid physician practice certificates 

2.CDFI working certificate 

3.Prenatal screening certificate

4.Able to independently perform ultrasound scanning and make diagnosis in various subspecialties, including at least abdomen, ob/gyn, small part, and vascular. Echocardiogram experience is preferred. 

.Able to provide ultrasound guidance for interventional/intra-operative procedures. 

6.Fluent in English communication. 

.Able to use computer system, such as PACS. 

8.At least Bachelor Degree of Medicine. Post graduate degree in medical imaging is preferred. 

9.At least 4 years experience as an attending sonologist in Level II or above hospitals. 

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