Portable Full Digital Diagnostic Ultrasound System



The EU40 is a stable and reliable ultrasound system, making high-quality ultrasound diagnostic technology within reach. It delivers superb 2D image quality in multiple applications, and offers professional measurement tools to help doctors to realize quality ultrasound exams.




Extensive Ultrasound Scanning Function

l  Large capacity for Cine Loop, patient information & image storage

l  Multiple image & video save format

l  Simple one-button operation workflow

l  Wide selection of preset exam modes & parameters for optimized clinical image




Comprehensive Clinical Application

l  General Application Package

l  Abdominal Application Package

l  Gynecology Application Package

l  Obstetrics Application Package

l  Urology Application Package

l  Cardiology Application Package

l  Small Parts Application Package




Professional Ultrasound Diagnostic tools

l  Twins fetus measurement

l  Biophysical Profile Score system

l  Fetal growth curve

l  Embedded professional report format and report templates

l  Biopsy guide and Lithotripsy guide (2 Lines)

l  3D imaging



Superior Operation Experience

l  High Definition anti-glare display

l  Easily adjustable screen light to different environment

l  Back-lit keys & task assigned control panel 

l  Auto freeze function to protect main unit & probes

l  Adjustable screen view angle up to 60°

l  Customized palette grayscale Pseudo-color mapping




Outstanding Imaging Quality




Advanced Digital Technology

Digital Beam-forming

Tissue Harmonic Imaging

Dynamic Receiving Focusing

Dynamic Frequency Scanning

Real-time Dynamic Aperture

Smart Speckle Reduction Imaging (SSR)




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